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Where We'll Be Next:   January 25-28 Tacoma Home & Garden Show in Tacoma Dome!

It has been a great 2017 at the Redmond Market, Shoreline Art Festival, Custer Shows Pasco & Spokane, and others.  Come see us start 2018 at the Tacoma Home & Garden Show, January 25-28 in the Tacoma Dome.  Come see our tables, candleholders and hand tools in person!

Welcome To Thorsteinson Woodworking

Our History

This all started as a date night, an interest in building with wood and a desire to spend time together.  Looking for a unique date, Mark signed us up for a pen-turning class, then a bandsaw box class.  Ann caught the "bug".  We enjoyed gifting our creations to family, friends and non-profit auctions until a friend encouraged us to try art festivals.  We have enjoyed building more and meeting lots of people.  That brings us to today!

About Our Materials

All the woods we use are hardwoods.  Each piece we create is hand-crafted and finished with a clear oil finish to enhance the beauty of the wood.  Our favorite woods are:  maple, black walnut, cocobollo, purpleheart, bocote, zebrawood and canarywood

How to Contact Us

If you would like to purchase anything on this website, please contact us at