Thorsteinson Woodworking
Fine Woodworking for your home

We hand-turn Pens, two styles of Seam Rippers, Stylus and Crochet Hook Sets.  These are turned from hardwoods, exotic woods and dyed plywoods.

Single Ended Seam Ripper
Two shpaes:  HourGlass or Straight.
Top to Bottom:  Bloodwood, Blue, Teal, White Ply, Canarywoos, Purpleheart, Purpleheart, Blue, Teal, Orange, Purple Ply, Black & White Ebony, Cocobollo

Crochet Hook Set

One Hand-Turned Handle, 6 hooks--C thru H
Pouch flips over and rolls up to keep them together.  Pouch included.  See Below.

Double-Ended Seam Rippers
Seam Ripper and Stiletto
Tob to bottom:  Purpleheart; Blue, Green, Brown Ply; Pink Ply; Cocobollo; Blue, Teal, White Ply; Pink Ply; Blue, Teal, Orange, Purple Ply

Crochet Hook Set

Ball-Point Pens and Mechanical Pencils

Replaceable Tip.  Can be turned in any of the woods pictured.